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When data makes all the difference

When transitioning a patient from the field to a hospital or caring for walk-ins, every action and reaction is time-sensitive. Your critical care teams deserve a head start with immediate access to patient information. From easy data collection and transmission between LIFEPAK devices, Stryker's solutions ensure your teams have the information they need when they need it. 

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Fewer clicks, better communication

By integrating data capabilities into every device, your care teams can access and share patient information as effectively as possible. For example, the LUCAS chest compression system allows device configuration via the LIFENET System and integration into CODE-STAT data review software. LUCAS also offers tailored rates to meet your protocols, alerts configured to improve compliance, post-event reports to your inbox, and asset notifications by email.

Analyzing and acting on it

Access to data must be coupled with garnering quality insights from that information. CODE-STAT data review software helps ensure your teams learn from every resuscitation by facilitating team debriefs and process improvement. With fast and high-quality data from CODE-STAT, teams are able to focus on trends so they can improve their efficiency during the next code.

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Capnography waves

Capnography decoded

Capnography helps you assess respiratory status and guides you in confirming, monitoring and documenting ET tube intubation. Learn about capnography monitoring in LIFEPAK products.

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best practice

Behind the data scenes

Read how University Hospitals of northeastern Ohio achieved a record door-to-balloon (D2B) time of nine minutes by using LIFENET to enhance collaboration and speed communication.

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After the adrenaline rush

In this episode of resus10, Janese Nichols, MSN, RN, discusses how her team uses data to analyze the entire patient story from collapse and resuscitation to discharge.

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