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At the root level

In order to enable quality feedback, you must first begin with good data entering the system – and our analytics products make accurate inputs as efficient as possible. Whether through HealthEMS MobileTouch which takes advantage of easy-to-use documentation technology, or through the CODE-STAT data review service which matches you with an expert clinical annotator to confirm all cases are marked correctly – our product functionalities are designed to save you time while improving accuracy.

Identifying the issues

Quality improvement is essential in today’s Fire and EMS environment. Products including CODE-STAT and HealthEMS Manager provide the ease of use and clarity you need to make sense of your system’s data. Whether you choose to track key clinical parameters during individual events or analyze the performance of an entire department, you’ll access objective and unbiased data through a flexible system that allows you to discover trends at multiple levels.

Turning insights into action

Stryker's data solutions ensure your teams get the information they need to learn from every resuscitation. CODE-STAT facilitates post-event reviews using an integrated system of devices, including LIFEPAK 15 and other LIFEPAK defibrillator/monitors and now the LUCAS 3 chest compression system, allowing teams to discover trends so they can constantly improve efficiencies. With HealthEMS Manager, every administrative role benefits from turning data into meaningful insights for staffing decisions, protocol adjustments, equipment needs and more—all enabling continuous quality improvement.

Better data means better care.

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