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A small, lightweight aid for responders

The TrueCPR coaching device offers real-time feedback during chest compressions and recommendations for improvement after the event. By measuring the depth of each compression and alerting responders to needed adjustments, the TrueCPR device helps every responder feel like an expert. A metronome also helps ensure a guidelines-consistent compression rate to support caregivers, increase confidence, and enhance long-term skills.

Key Benefits

Improve CPR quality

Deliver the consistent, high-quality chest compressions needed to help resuscitations succeed. TrueCPR helps ensure you meet guidelines recommendations by providing depth, rate, and ventilation guidance.

Gain confidence and skills

Eliminate uncertainty with real-time feedback. Rely on simple, intuitive support from TrueCPR in training and clinical situations.

Meet guidelines CPR metrics

Avoid doubt in achieving guidelines-consistent compressions, which have been shown to support patient survival. When ventilation is also needed, audible alerts help you time them correctly.

Select the guidance you need

Choose to silence the metronome, confirm compression depth only, and choose whether ventilation prompts are needed. After initial calibration, at-a-glance visual signals let you know you’re performing effective CPR.

Key Features

TrueCPR coaching device

How the TrueCPR coaching device can help you improve

Quick, easy placement

  • Slim, lightweight pads are easy to place correctly
  • Back and chest pads function in two possible positions
  • Chest pad on patient sternum for correct compression location

Portable, in the field through the hospital

  • Weighs less than two pounds (0.75 kg)
  • Proprietary technology measures actual compression depth on soft surfaces better than many competing products1
  • Compatible with any brand of defibrillator

1Beesems SG, Koster RW. Accurate feedback of chest compression depth on a manikin on a soft surface with correction for total body displacement. Resuscitation 2014; 85: 1439-1443

Obtain feedback in a variety of situations

  • Easy-read dial shows the sufficiency of compressions at a glance
  • Can remain on the chest throughout defibrillation for quick resumption of compressions
  • Track both elapsed CPR time and seconds of inactivity (for example, during defibrillation)

Ideal for training

  • Obtain efficacy feedback on manikins
  • Post-event feedback indicates average compression rates, the percentage of sufficient compressions, total event duration, and more
  • Stores event data for up to six sessions and transfer to a computer via USB connection



How does it work?

Proprietary triaxial field induction technology instantly measures the distance between front and back pads during compressions. This unique technology is compatible with common implanted or patient-worn metal, including pacemakers, ICDs, and jewelry.

Service and support

Start fast and get support whenever you need it

From initial device training to technical service and free continuing education, Stryker delivers unrivaled support.


Clear, illustrated instructions for the TrueCPR coaching device make it easy to get started in classrooms or actual patient care. In addition, Stryker offers a variety of classroom-based, hands-on training or online learning options to ensure optimal use of your lifesaving equipment.


Field service

The most extensive field service team in the industry helps ensure your lifesaving devices are ready when you need them. More than a decade of service experience, on average, ensures that nobody knows your devices—and how to use, care for, maintain, and repair them—better.

field service

Technical support

Service experts help resolve any issues or answer technical questions.

tech support

Continuing education

As your lifesaving partner, Stryker offers seminars, the resus10 podcast, and access to clinical research on the latest resuscitation strategies and tips.

Learn and train
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