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Built tough. Easy to use.

Built tough for EMS and designed to reinforce paramedics’ direct laryngoscopy skills, the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope offers EMS providers an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution to improve visualization and airway management.

McGrath placement cutaway

Key Benefits

Improve airway management

Ensure a clear airway fast with the quickest and least complicated tube placement of any video laryngoscope. The slim, disposable airway blade provides greater maneuverability while reducing dental pressure and enabling both direct and indirect airway views.

Obtain a wider view

Use both direct visualization and video visualization in a single device for a tool that facilitates intubation. The camera angle of the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope shows anatomy that is too far anterior for direct viewing so you achieve an overall wider angle of vision and can more quickly respond. Reduce soft palate injury risks with the video screen’s portrait orientation, which helps eliminate blind spots and shows more of the soft palate during placement.

Reinforce existing skills

Place the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope using traditional Macintosh direct laryngoscope skills while the video view provides even greater visualization. The same placement technique as for a direct laryngoscope reduces training requirements while strengthening airway management skills.

Gain capability for extreme intubations

The slim maneuverability of the regular McGRATH MAC blade helps it apply to most situations, while the more acute McGRATH X blade is also available. These optional sterile blades, with a smaller-diameter curvature, facilitate treatment of difficult-to-intubate patients with extreme anterior airways.

Rely on EMS-tough durability

Compact, cable-free, and easy to carry, the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope is drop tested to two meters for shock- and damage-resistance. The fully immersible handle can be disinfected, while lithium battery power provides hours of dependable operation.

Key Features

Get a better view.

See how the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope can work for your team.

The right tool for anatomical variations

  • Simultaneous direct and indirect views
  • Quick placement even for patients with cervical spine trauma2
  • Macintosh & hyper-angulated sterile blades available
  • Vertically-oriented, portrait screen shows more soft palate to reduce injury risk

Quick and easy to use

  • Compact and cable-free for maximum portability
  • Uses the same placement skills as standard Macintosh laryngoscopes
  • Video guidance for challenging placement situations
  • Slim-line blade assists in faster removal of obstructions with Suzy forceps3

Long-term reliability and return

  • Steel-core alloy chassis and IPX7 rating
  • High durability through the most rugged work environments
  • 250 minutes of battery life and minute-by-minute battery indication
  • Low-cost disposable, sterile blades in four Macintosh sizes and the X blade

The best of both worlds

Studies show the McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope improves the Cormack and Lehane grade of view compared to direct laryngoscopy.1,2 Gain video and direct views with a single device that relies on the traditional placement skills you already use.

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