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The professional strength AED designed for everyone

If a colleague, friend, or passerby went into sudden cardiac arrest, what lifesaving equipment would you want nearby?

Featuring the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals—yet simple to use—the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is designed specifically for the first person who responds to a sudden cardiac arrest victim. The device combines an easy two-step operation, just the right level of guidance, and the capability to escalate to the highest energy (360 joules) when needed.

Product Highlights


The LIFEPAK CR Plus is simple to use and manage. As a key component of your AED program, it delivers powerful defibrillation, easy operation, and compatibility with the rest of the LIFEPAK family of devices.

Most powerful defibrillation energy available

The LIFEPAK CR Plus delivers escalating energy up to an industry-leading 360 joules for maximum lifesaving capability, especially for patients who are difficult to defibrillate.

Simple two-step operation

Just turn the device on, and apply the electrode pads to the victim. The fully automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus takes over, giving ClearVoice prompts and delivering the shock without anyone pushing a button.

Compatible technology

Compatibility with other LIFEPAK electrodes and technologies used by the majority of medical professionals helps speed transition to the next level of care.

Reliable and easy to own

The LIFEPAK CR Plus conducts weekly and monthly automatic self-tests. A readiness indicator informs the user that the defibrillator is prepared to do its job.

Advanced battery power

SafeGuard Power System – unique in the industry – offers a dual layer of security as the CHARGE-PAK battery charger keeps the robust internal battery at its optimum level during the life of the unit.


LIFEPAK AEDs in Munich

The city of Munich, Germany installed LIFEPAK AEDs throughout its subway system. Learn how they work — and how easy they are to use — in this special report.

Service and support

Robust support for your team

AED Program Management

You want to create a safer workplace, and give your employees and colleagues the best chance of survival in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. To make it happen, you not only need the right AEDs in place—you need the right program to manage them.

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Technical support

Service experts remain on-call 24/7 to help resolve any issues or answer technical questions.

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