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Featuring: Captain Joe Bosman with moderator Ben Roper, Sales and Distribution Manager

Garry Vandenberg was performing a hymn sing during a church performance when he collapsed on stage from a sudden cardiac arrest. Thankfully, a few key audience members immediately sprang to action. Watch how Stryker’s system of care saved his life and learn how the Kalamazoo community works together to help save lives.

Jordan Schoen was only 17 when he collapsed on the basketball court. Watch to learn how the system of care saved his life and why this experience drove his family to give back to their community.

Webinar: Featured speaker – Robert J. Murray Jr. MS, NRP

Watch Carl Flores's on-demand webinar to discover important lessons learned from real-life experiences with disaster response.

Bob Zollner, a retired firefighter, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on his wife’s birthday. Watch how she saved his life with the help of their local fire department.
Featuring Mark Johnston, MHA BA EMTP EMSI and Heather Rohm BSN, RN