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High Performance CPR - The insider's insights

High-performance CPR - The insider's insights
Featuring Mike Helbock, M.I.C.P., NR-P, SEI
with moderator Sean Graham, Senior Clincal Affairs Specialist

Defibrillation clinical animation

Survivor: Bennett Hart

A rare genetic condition caused Bennett Hart’s heart to stop three times between the ages of 8 and 15. Watch how this determined student athlete overcomes every obstacle with the support of his friends and family.

LIFEPAK 20e Ch11 Connecting to Power

LIFEPAK 20e Ch10 General Maintenance and Testing

LIFEPAK 20e Ch9 Noninvasive Pacing

LIFEPAK 20e Ch8 Synchronized Cardioversion

LIFEPAK 20e Ch7 Manual Defibrillation

LIFEPAK 20e Ch6 Monitoring EtC02

LIFEPAK 20e Ch5 Monitoring Sp02

LIFEPAK 20e Ch4 Monitoring the ECG

LIFEPAK 20e Ch3 Switching from AED to Manual Mode