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Bob Zollner, a retired firefighter, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on his wife’s birthday. Watch how she saved his life with the help of their local fire department.

We sat down with the men and women of Community Ambulance in Las Vegas. Hear their perspectives on what it's like to work in emergency medical services.

We spoke with Provo Fire & Rescue, in Provo, Utah. Hear about the care they administer in the back of their ambulance on a day-to-day basis.

We follow the volunteer men and women of Liverpool EMS in Liverpool, P.A. Learn how this small town community serves and protects their neighbors every day!

We connected with the men and women of Anchorage Area-wide EMS for the latest installment of our EMS Stories series. Hear their perspectives on what it's like to work in Emergency Medical Services in the unforgiving, rugged terrain of Alaska.

We sat down with the Memphis Fire Department. Hear their perspectives on what it's like to work in emergency medical services.

A rare genetic condition caused Bennett Hart’s heart to stop three times between the ages of 8 and 15. Watch how this determined student athlete overcomes every obstacle with the support of his friends and family.

A normal routine changed direction when Matt Cass collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest during his morning walk. Miraculously, after 80 minutes of continuous CPR and critical care, Matt regained his pulse and started breathing. Listen to his story.

As two experienced rock climbers scaled the vertical wall of Marmolada – the highest mountain of the Italian Dolomites – they knew something was amiss when the temperature dropped suddenly.

Battling high altitude and extreme conditions, mountain rescue teams need equipment tough enough to care for their patient during -- and after -- a long mountain descent.

When one of our own Team Members, Rick Ahrens, succumbed to cardiac arrest, his co-workers didn't hesitate to start CPR and apply an AED. This is his story. 

When John suffered from a cardiac arrest at his “camp” in rural Vermont, the rescue squad needed a way to maintain CPR for the long journey to the hospital.