Emergency Care

Reading the waves

Even a slight movement can cause the ET tube to become dislodged or misplaced, which can lead to severe consequences. Using waveform capnography can help medical professional determine if the tube has become misplaced or with a sudden loss of waveform, the ET tube may have been disconnected, kinked or obstructed.

Resources on airway and breathing

Capnography solutions from Stryker

Learn about the solutions available to assist your healthcare system in implementing a waveform capnography monitoring program. Read more. 

Online training on capnography

Whether you are new to capnography or in need of a review, this
course will reinforce and expand your knowledge. Through interactive online sessions, you will experience a highly visual five-part course in the use of capnography, capnography waveform interpretation, clinical decision-making using capnography assessment, and practical application through case studies in the intubated and non-intubated patient. Read more.

Benefits of non-intubated capnography

Waveform capnography should be considered the standard of care for intubated patients and is considered essential in monitoring respiratory and metabolic functions during anesthesia. It is also becoming increasingly popular and valuable in non-intubated patients. Read more.

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