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Full biphasic with heart


Twenty years of biphasic research has provided direction on how to maximize conversion rates, particularly for patients who are difficult to defibrillate.

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Circulation and CPR

High-quality and consistent CPR – from bystanders to professional first responders through the hospital – is a major link in the chain of survival.

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Mechanical chest compression

Mechanical CPR provides high quality CPR, frees staff from manual CPR and reduces injury risks for the clinician. 

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12-lead and STEMI

12-lead ECG and transmission technology help emergency care professionals and hospitals meet critical time-to-treatment goals. 

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Airway and breathing

Capnography provides an objective tool for assessing respiratory status in the intubated and non-intubated patients. 

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LIFEPAK 15 on Stryker cot with patient

Noninvasive pacing

Noninvasive pacing is an essential tool for emergency and backup cardiac support for adult and pediatric patients.

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New 3D biphasic defibrillation animation

This quick video simplifies the science of biphasic defibrillation and illustrates how escalating energy and pad placements impact shock success.

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