Emergency Care

A focus on efficiency

Teams are more efficient when they can focus on fewer things – whether that’s by using the LUCAS 3 v3.1 chest compression system to free staff from manual CPR or defibrillator/monitors that enable smoother transitions between BLS and ACLS teams. Our products and solutions allow your code teams to narrow their focus so they can work together more effectively.

Useful data with actionable insights

As part of building a strong team, it’s imperative for caregivers to know what is going well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Stryker products combine with data solutions to provide actionable insights into team performance. By having the appropriate technology in place to monitor, document and review each code event, you can provide objective meaningful feedback to caregivers.

Technology for empowering teams

Teams are only as strong as the technology that supports them. One of the most important technologies offered by LIFEPAK defibrillators for both AED and manual defibrillation is escalating biphasic energy. Published clinical data clearly points to an association between higher biphasic shock energy and higher conversion rates for VF/pVT and AF patients. Stryker offers the only defibrillators on the market that escalate to full biphasic energy of 360 joules (360J).

Supporting materials

Full biphasic with heart
Clinical overview

Full energy defibrillation

Twenty years of biphasic research has provided direction on how to maximize conversions, particularly for patients who are difficult to defibrillate. Download the whitepaper to learn more about important clinical areas of defibrillation.

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Man laying on floor with two colleagues performing CPR
clinical summary

Mechanical CPR

A Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium study has trialed a promising new protocol: early decision to transport patients with refractory ventricular defibrillation and go directly to the cath lab, providing CPR through the LUCAS chest compression system during transport.

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Improve with timely data

Post-event debriefing can lead to targeted improvements, helping you understand team performance immediately after response. A Vienna study saw significant improvements in outcomes after implementing a standardized feedback protocol.

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