Emergency Care

The vantage point

Visibility is a key factor in providing excellent care – and Stryker products are designed to help your teams see the whole picture. Whether by visualizing challenging airways with the McGrath MAC EMS video laryngoscope or by freeing team members from manual CPR with the LUCAS chest compression system, our technology enables your team members to see the entire emergency event from the smallest details to a wider comprehensive perspective.


Empower your teams in even the toughest conditions with products that are  built to last. With an IP44 rating, the LIFEPAK 15 and LIFEPAK 1000 monitor/defibrillator devices are designed to keep working after accidental drops and in steady wind, rain and other harsh environments. The McGRATH MAC EMS is reinforced with a steel-cored alloy chassis and LUCAS is protected by a hard shell carrying case – all important features that ensure these tools are ready for your team whenever and wherever the next call takes them. 

Our technology

Improve your team’s effectiveness with coordinated tools that prioritize innovation and connectivity. In recent years, LIFENET has recorded several million data transmissions with a high system uptime. In addition to providing data through LIFENET to hospitals or your ePCR, all LIFEPAK monitor/defibrillator devices include 360J biphasic technology, which gives you the option of escalating your energy dose for difficult-to-defibrillate patients. The LUCAS 3 allows tailored rates to meet your protocols and alerts configured to improve compliance, while enabling new insights through easy, wireless access to device data.

Deliver care fast and effectively.

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