Emergency Care

Sharpening your focus

The LUCAS chest compression system frees providers from labor-intensive manual CPR while providing consistent, high quality CPR. This allows providers to focus on other aspects of resuscitation care.

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LUCAS bibliography summary

The LUCAS chest compression system has been widely studied in various clinical settings (over 200 publications). Download the selected bibliography.

LINC randomized trial and what it means for LUCAS

The large, randomized LINC trial provides the highest level of evidence that the LUCAS device can be routinely used to treat prehospital cardiac arrest patients with good survival rates and neurological outcomes. Read more.

Levy study on LUCAS application during high-performance CPR

The key takeaway of this study is that with a well-defined approach, it is possible to apply the LUCAS device with minimal interruptions to CPR, and with interruptions of less than 10 seconds and even as short as 7 seconds. Read more.

Clinical technology

LIFEPAK 15 with print out

12-lead and STEMI

The University of Glasgow ECG analysis program used in LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillators has been used around the world for over 30 years. 

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Airway and breathing

Capnography provides an objective tool for assessing respiratory status and can guide confirming, monitoring and documenting ET tube placement. 

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Man laying on the ground with coworkers kneeling over him

CPR and circulation

High-quality and consistent CPR – from bystanders to professional first responders through the hospital – is a major link in the chain of survival. 

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