Emergency Care


Senior leadership team

Anne Mullally headshot

Anne L. Mullally

Vice President and General Manager, Emergency Care

Amy Giustino

Senior Director, Human Resources

Erik von Schenck

Vice President, Research and Development

Erin Gallagher

Compliance Officer

Kathryn Janecke

Senior Director, RAQAC

Kristy Thompson

Division Counsel

Lianne Stefurak

Senior Director, Marketing

Matt Twitchell

Senior Director, Manufacturing and Business Excellence

Matt Van Der Wende

Vice President, Sales

Melissa Conway

Senior Director, Finance

Natalie Ward

Vice President and General Manager, EMEA

Randy Laing

Director of Sales, PRT

Ryan McCarthy

Managing Director, APAC

Stryker leadership

It takes strong leadership to produce exceptional results. Our management team is committed to leading our organization according to high standards of integrity and accountability. We believe talent is essential to our success, and are proud to have some of the most talented business leaders in the industry.

Stryker Board of Directors

Stryker Management Team


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